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A homebrew D&D experience that tries to supplement the current 5e experience with a wealth of prior knowledge and some new tricks, a collaboration between multiple Dungeon masters and players with decades of combined experience.

What is 'Speex Realms'

Speex Realms is a largely home-brewed D&D 5e setting that is built around the Gods, the multiverse, and a focus on merging the past, present, and future. Dungeons and Dragons is a game with over forty years of history and in that time it is easy for canons to grow hazy or muddled, certain parts of established lore haven't been embellished on for decades or for multiple editions and directly contradicts newer lore. This project is meant to compile and streamline that lore, add to it, and then mix it around.

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If you like any of the content on this wiki and would like to see more of something specific, please email the head DM at or on Discord @Chris Kiddle#7306. I maintain this wiki largely on my own and completely for free, but most of my content is created specifically for my weekly games or those of other DMs in my area, so unless you ask I cannot guarantee that needed pages will be added. Feel free to reach out to me at any time for any reason, and keep playing D&D!

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